Saturday, July 10, 2021

Personal thoughts go here—not at Facebook, because Facebook sucks!!


By Steve Otto

There are times when I feel like expressing myself and writing things. The other day I was somewhat outraged that a women wanted me to pay $500 for sex and maybe comfort and companionship itself. Some guys like to buy sex (pay for it). They have told me so. They feel like they have control when they pay for it. I don’t like to pay for it. I prefer a relationship that is more of an equal partnership, of give and take. There are different ways at looking at these things. Sex is not a one-dimensional activity.

I really didn’t want a big audience, so I translated my comment into Khmer and posted it. I knew that most people know they can just push a button and translate the comment. My idea was that a few people will take the time to translate it, but not everyone will do that so it would cut down on those who read it. There are times when I don’t want a big audience. I just want a few people to see and read my comments.

That was a real big mistake. The translation came out wrong. It said that “A woman cheated on me.” But that’s not what happened and that’s not what I said. On top of that, Facebook posted that wrong translation along with the Khmer one. They didn’t put that on my page, but they put it on everyone else’s. So now many of my friends were asking me about this woman I apparently had some kind of relationship with because “she cheated on me.” That’s not what happened and that was not the original comment.

Finally, someone told me they did not use the translation button, the comment was in English. So many of my friends and one relative were angry with me because I had obviously done something with this woman, and I kept denying it.

Facebook screwed up big time and I had to pay for it. I finally ended up removing that comment and a lot of others. The idea of posting anything personal on Facebook is very dangerous—mostly because they make so many mistakes. Using another language was a mistake. Using Facebook was a mistake.

Facebook already censors my political blogs. And they constantly make mistakes. Some of them affect me and not in a good way. So now I’m through posting anything of a personal nature on Facebook. If it weren’t for the blog information, my political activity and other commercial needs, I would be through with Facebook. I would delete that page. Facebook sucks.

So now my personal comments will be made here, at Artsy Fartsy—ALL of them. I don’t promote this blog so I can post personal thoughts. There are times when I don’t want a big audience. People write in journals and in diaries and they don’t want a big audience. I just want a few intimate readers—not a mass audience. That is why I post here. Read all you want. It is free and I don’t mind. But also feel free not to read anything I put here. That’s nice also. And don’t promote this blog. Promote Otto’s War Room or the Idiot Factor, but not this blog. That is not what it is here for.

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