Wednesday, January 05, 2022

I'm done with on-line dating--complety done.

 By Steve Otto

I have finally had my fill of on-line dating sites. For me it is a waste of time. Elite Singles has tried to take about $137 out of my account and I plan to stop them. I don’t want their service anymore. None of the women I met there wanted anything to do with me. I went on two dates and they were a one time deal.

I went to and I have had no better luck with them. I will cut the cord for them soon. I went to another site, which is more of a sex site and I am reminded “There is no sex in the Champaign room. None! Oh there is Champaign in the Champaign room, but you don’t want Champaign. You want sex.”

So I will stick to meeting women in person. I’ve met two women here at a bar and one of them still sees me. So my life now doesn’t completely suck.

Between my no longer functioning card and my isolation here in my home, this week has been a real cluster fuck. I’ve been stuck here a lot, since uber won’t take my card and won’t take cash. My brother has been too sick to drive me anywhere and I can’t get a hold of my new girlfriend. I have had all kinds of problems with my bank, including an end to my card.

I either had bad cold 2 days or Covid. NOT GOOD!


Anonymous said...
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SJ Otto said...

Your comments are a personal attack on me and you still won’t say who you are. I don’t need crap like that here. Most people know I don’t erase comments except these personal attacks. You can fuck off now.

Anonymous said...

Au contraire, you have no comments, just like everyone around you is gone and while I don't dislike you as you are a fellow human, without a shadow of a doubt I hate your politics, being the hand maiden of extremely evil people. You've got your public stipend, paid for by people slaving away, meanwhile people like you fill their kids heads full of the worst things these evil miscreant think tanks came come up with to fuck the kids up. You've not changed your views, despite enough time to see the wood for the trees and you think people will somehow like you? NO.

I did like a story you wrote many years back, but after reading a lot of your subsequent works, you are quite different to me, in that you grew up in a different era and your morals are different.

After the ideology you consistently espoused led to so much real mass murder, torture, rape, deprivation, I can only have contempt for someone like you, that most likely received a stipend off the public teat, being the hard earned people are forcibly separated from and gifted by the money power to gullible people like you.

That's why you have my enmity and while I can't ultimately dislike you beyond your adherence to mass murdering ideology, you can be sure a very cold eye from me despite your losses. Eat shit and die