Sunday, November 28, 2021

The death of a pet leaves behind an eerie silence


By Steve Otto

There is now an eerie silence to my bedroom. That is because I no longer have any fish. I turned off the tank bubbler that kept their water oxygenated. My last fish died two days ago. I originally had three blue gills, a popular fish found in the Midwest, both in Missouri and in Kansas.

I’ve had these fish since the summer before last. I had them all for at least a year. The smallest one died first. I thought maybe it just didn’t get enough food. But about a month later, the largest one died. He acted kind of slow towards the end. It didn’t eat very much like it used to. It may have had a disease and it is not uncommon for fish like that—or any fish, to die from disease. And quite often, if one fish gets sick, they all eventually get sick. That is probably what happened here. My last fish quit eating and a few days later, I found him/her on its back on the bottom of the tank.

Now the tank sits empty. I may get knew ones but I’m just not sure. Theses pets may seem insignificant to others, but as many pet owners know, those us who have them, they mean a lot.


Pix=Blue gill.

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